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The Clarence Fire District # 1 has recently decided to develop a Rural Search & Rescue Team (RSRT).  The team is still in the early stages of development.

In 2004, Chief Joseph David and the Clarence Fire District # 1 decided to purchase a 2004 AWD Yamaha Rhino to help us protect, navigate, and patrol the many miles of bike path's in our fire district and the neighboring fire protection district's.   This vehicle provides us will all-weather, rugged, off-road search & rescue capabilities. It is also utilized on large fires, Haz-mat assignments, and to transport fire equipment around incident scenes.  The Rhino's trailer was custom-modified with a stokes basket/stretcher for patient evacuation from and over difficult terrain.

The CFD--RSRT now has an enclosed trailer, 2 all-terrain vehicles, 2 all-terrain trailers, numerous GPS units, and various other supplies.  

The team has recently begun basic training courses with various other local agencies to increase its capabilities and knowledge of search techniques.  

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Clarence Fire Company uses All Terrain Res-Q Trailers.  

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All Terrain Res-Q

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